4 Situations to Use Temporary Fencing

March 31, 2024

Do you have safety or privacy concerns but don’t want to spend the money to install a permanent fence? Perhaps you have an upcoming event in your home, construction that needs to be done, or a pool that’s unfinished. Whatever the situation, we’re here to help educate you about your options. Read on to learn all about the four situations where temporary fencing could be the best option for you!

1. Fencing Your Pool

Even if you don’t want a fence around your pool or have no children, you should be aware that temporary pool fencing is required by law during the construction of your swimming pool. A pool undergoing construction without a fence is a huge safety hazard–imagine tripping and stumbling without a fence in place to guard you against a huge fall.

After your pool is constructed, fencing is absolutely necessary if you have young children. The CDC warns that ten people drown unintentionally every day. Of those ten people, two are children aged 14 or younger. Even non-fatal drowning injuries can be dire and can result in memory problems, learning disabilities, and loss of motor control. Temporary pool fencing can be applied to even more areas around your home, such as:

  • Near large water bodies
  • Spas
  • Irrigation channels
  • Water tanks

Because temporary pool fencing is so flexible, it’s a great option even if you don’t have children. Perhaps you want to entertain guests who have young children, or you’re renting a house that has a pool that prohibits you from installing a permanent pool fence. 

2. Fencing Your Yard

If you have pets, you know that fencing your yard is a must, but if you’re renting a home that doesn’t provide a backyard fence you may find the lack of privacy and security for your pets off-putting. 

Temporary chain link fences can be a great option if you’re not worried about privacy, and some can come as high as six feet. While you, your family, and your pets can enjoy the backyard and the sights around your home, people will know where your property ends and begins and if they’re trespassing. Well-trained dogs will also know that they need to stay within the perimeter of the fence.

If you’re concerned about privacy for your home and need a fence installed as soon as possible, temporary fencing also comes in wood options. Wood is a classic and stylish look for fences while also providing the privacy you need. Even better, wood can be fully customized for your home and yard depending on dimensions, styles, cuts, heights, and spacing.

Wood fencing comes in four main options: 

  • Pine
  • Cedar
  • Western Red Cedar 
  • Ozark Copperwood 

3. Fencing Your Garden

You also have temporary fencing options when it comes to the garden in your yard. Temporary fencing is a necessity for gardens because if you’re an avid gardener, you know that the shape and size of your garden can grow and change depending on the year and the season. 

You may decide to plant an extra row of vegetables one spring, which requires an extension of your current fencing. You also want to be flexible for the plants as they grow and not allow fences to impede their growth. 

Lastly, fences are absolutely necessary in order to deter critters that would like to use your garden as a free buffet. You’ll need to determine what kind of animals are snacking on your garden before you purchase and install your temporary fence, but they are typically one or a number of the following: 

  • Deer
  • Groundhogs
  • Pocket gophers
  • Rabbits
  • Raccoons
  • Skunks 
  • Squirrels 
  • Voles

Be aware that rabbits are talented at chewing through plastic fencing. If you have a serious deer problem, permanent, more sturdy fencing may not be necessary. 

4. Decorative Ornamental Fencing

Remember that even if you choose to use temporary fencing for your garden or yard, you don’t have to choose the standard options that may look unattractive compared to the rest of your design choices. Decorative ornamental fencing is an attractive option for homeowners or people who are renting who want all the practicality of a fence and want to boost the aesthetic appeal of their yards.

Ornamental aluminum and steel fencing has now replaced the typical wrought-iron fences, which has increased people’s ability to truly customize their style. Not only that, but decorative fencing can also be used for security purposes or even has fencing around the pool. 

Two of the most popular ornamental fencing options are the “flat top,” where the fence traditionally stops at the top rail, and the “spear top.” The spear top is what you’re used to seeing in ornamental wrought-iron fences, where the fence ends with a spade point that can look both intimidating, austere, and beautifully ornamental at the same time. 

Temporary Fencing Options for a Beautiful Yard

You may be surprised by the number of options available to you when it comes to temporary fencing. Not only is temporary fencing necessary when you’re constructing a pool, but it also gives you an affordable amount of privacy, security, and yard decoration.

Whether you’re renting or owning your home, consider investing in a temporary fence so you can feel secure!

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