4 Ways You Can Design a Backyard That’s Safe for Kids

March 31, 2024

Regard your backyard highly! The average American spends 14 hours a week in their backyard. 

Children may spend even more time in the backyard, playing and hanging out with friends. But you shouldn't just open your back door and let your child run outside. You need to think about backyard safety and privacy. 

How should you design a backyard to prioritize safety for kids? What types of fences should you install? How can you improve your child's play structures? 

Answer these questions and you can create a safe backyard in no time. Here are four essential tips for designing a backyard.

1. Remove Tripping Hazards

2.8 million children experience fall-related injuries every year. You should remove any objects on the ground that can cause your child to trip and fall. 

This includes uneven terrain. If your backyard is on a hill or on bumpy ground, you should hire a landscaper to smooth the terrain as much as possible. 

If your backyard has a garden, walk through the garden and collect any tools on the ground. Rope off plants that your child can trip over and put a plastic divider around plants with thorns.

2. Create Good Walkways

Even if your backyard is on level terrain, you or your child can fall down. You should make a clear walkway so you and your child can get to all parts of your backyard. 

You can make a basic dirt walkway, or you can lay down stones and bricks. If you are going to make a stone walkway, make sure the stones are secure in the soil. 

3. Install a Safety Fence

Fences provide boundaries and prevent your child's toys and balls from damaging your neighbor's property. You can install any type of fence you want, but you should make sure it is sturdy and does not contain gaps your child can sneak through. Consider a few factors before you add a wooden fence like your exposure to rain, which can cause your wood to rot.

If you can't install a fence, you can use tall plants as a barrier. Try planting bushes or tall grass around the edge of your property.

4. Inspect the Play Structures

Many play structures are made with plastic and metal that resist wear and tear. But your child can fall off the side of a slide or let go of a hanging object. Lay soft materials underneath the play structure so your child doesn't hurt themselves if they fall. 

You should inspect the structure for any signs of damage or possible fall hazards. You can place a net underneath the bridge to catch your child if they fall. You should also remove any substances that have mold or cracks in them.

Design a Backyard the Right Way

You can design a backyard for your kids today. Pick up anything your child can trip over and create a smooth surface for playing and walking. Make a few paths through your backyard so your child can walk around. 

Install a safety fence with sturdy materials so your child stays in your yard. You can buy play structures for them, but inspect them every month or so to make sure they are in ideal condition. 

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