5 Benefits of Installing a New Fence on Your Property

March 31, 2024

Backyard fences are relatively common in homes in the U.S., as approximately 50% of homes have one.

The difference is the types of fences people choose. Another difference is the reasons for installing them. As you consider what type of new fence to choose, it might help to learn about the benefits. Are you ready to learn?

Keep reading to discover the top five benefits of a backyard fence.

1. Safety

Increasing the security on your property lowers the risk of problems occurring.

A fence adds protection by stopping trespassers from entering your yard. Intruders think twice before crossing a fence when scouting for homes to attack.

Fences also stop your pets and kids from leaving the yard. So you'll have more peace of mind when you let your dog out. You'll also feel safer letting your kids play outside if you're in your house. 

Additionally, fences are required for homes with pools and hot tubs. Fences reduce the risk of people wandering into a backyard and drowning in the pool.

2. Privacy

You can see through some types of fences. But others prevent people from seeing inside. A backyard has more privacy with a fence in place.

When your kids play outside, no one will see them. You can enjoy this privacy when you sit outside alone or host parties. Additionally, privacy increases security. What burglars can't see might not tempt them.

3. Defined Property Lines

One crucial part of installing a fence is determining your property lines. Then, install the fence on these lines. As a result, you eliminate questions about where your property ends.

This is one of the top benefits of a new fence. It helps reduce problems with neighbors. It's also helpful when selling your home. 

A fence company can help you determine your property lines. But you can also hire a surveyor to mark them for you. 

4. Visual Appeal 

The best fence looks great, adding aesthetic appeal to a home. Of course, a fence alone looks nice, but you can also decorate it.

For example, some homeowners add vines or flowers to their fences. Other homeowners post decorative signs and plaques on their fences. 

You can browse through fencing options to find the right color and type for the looks you want to achieve. 

5. Increased Property Value

Many homeowners don't realize that building a new fence adds value to their homes. New fences increase property value by providing increased security and safety.

They also increase property value for their looks. People looking for homes to buy pay more for homes with fences. Additionally, fences add value because they show the property lines. 

Installing the best type of fence is an investment that pays off. 

Install a New Fence for These Benefits

A new fence provides these benefits and others. The first step is choosing the fencing type you want. Next, hire a contractor to install it for you. 

Contact us at Rio Grande Fence Co. to learn about the options. We can also provide a quote for services and answer all your questions.