5 Pool Fence Ideas You Need to Check Out!

March 31, 2024

Are you looking for a way to protect your home or commercial property's oasis? Do you want to provide more protection for your pool, but are unwilling to sacrifice the aesthetic of it? If so, then you need to explore different pool fence ideas to find the right fit.Doing so can help you set your property up with a fence that will heighten the look of it, not hinder it. All it takes is a few considerations to find the ideal fence.See below for an in-depth guide on different types of pool fences that you should consider placing around your private oasis!

1. Glass Fence

When someone initially tells you that you should get a pool fence installed, you probably envision a white picket fence around it. That's a far cry from what an actual pool fence can be.As a matter of fact, a pool fence is less of a fence and more of an additional amenity for your pool. It can keep out the neighbors, infants, pets, pests, bugs, and so on.In fact, with the right type of material, most of your guests will think of the fence as a decoration rather than a form of security. This is where glass pool fences can come into play. They offer a luxurious feel to your pool.If you want to go the extra mile, you can also install some LED lighting around your pool to make it feel as if you're staying at a 5-star resort.Perhaps the biggest benefit of a glass pool fence is that you can still see the pool from any angle. It doesn't inhibit the view of the water at all, so your poolside parties will tell feel genuine and relaxing.Glass pool fencing also offers a fencing option that's durable to the elements and will keep its aesthetic through heavy rain.

2. Wall-Fence Combination

Do you feel as if a fence is impossible to install on your property because of a steep incline? Does your yard go back up against a hill?Many pool owners with backyards on an incline are hesitant to install a fence around their pool. They think that the fence will look awkward going up the hill at an angle.However, that incline can actually become a benefit to your pool if you were to use a wall-fence combo. You can establish a retaining wall to keep the soil at bay, then form a fence to cover the other areas.This combination can add a sense of privacy to your pool. Your neighbors won't be able to see it as well, since the pool is hidden in the incline of the hill, if not completely blocked off from the wall you install.The fence portion of the pool can ensure that the water of your pool is visible from your home, patio, deck, etc. A bonus is that the retaining wall will prevent soil and mulch from spilling into your pool during storms.Perhaps you already have the retaining wall installed. No matter the situation, be sure to contact a pool fencing expert to inspect the pool area and give you some awesome recommendations.

3. Simplistic Aluminum

Perhaps you consider yourself more of the minimalistic type when it comes to your home's exterior and interior design. If so, then your fence should reflect that!We believe that the fence should blend with the pool layout. If the pool's layout is simple and efficient, the fence should be as well. If that's your preference, then you can't go wrong with a simple, black aluminum fence.Aluminum is one of the most durable materials in the fencing industry. It can withstand water, debris, dirt, and can keep unwanted pests out. Aluminum fencing can also last up to 20 years without being replaced.The best part is that aluminum is incapable of rusting. Your fence will keep its youthful glow for as long as you keep it upright!

4. Bamboo Fence

Maybe you consider your pool to be your own tropical getaway. Many people choose the decorations and amenities of their backyard pool based to achieve a tropical aesthetic.If you fit in that category, then a bamboo fence can be the perfect way to enhance that tropical aesthetic and offer your pool the durable security that it needs.For those of you looking to block any potential line of sight to your pool, bamboo is the perfect solution. Be sure to schedule an at-home visit with us to see whether or not this is the right choice for your property.

5. Aluminum Fence With Metal Wiring

Perhaps your biggest concern with installing a pool fence is inhibiting the sight of your pool. Half of the fun of owning a pool is being able to look at it from your porch, right?Several of the options we've listed in this article can accommodate your desire to see the water from anywhere in your backyard. However, if you want to increase the visibility a bit more, then you can substitute the aluminum bars in your aluminum fence for metal wires.This also adds to the experience as you swim. When you're in the water, you'll still be able to see the trees around your backyard, your loved ones on the porch, and so on.

Use These Pool Fence Ideas to Your Advantage

Now that you have seen several pool fence ideas to surround your oasis with, it's time to find the right pool fence installation company to team up with.Be sure to read this article for more information on the signs that you need a residential fence replacement.For more inquiries that you may have, please feel free to reach out via phone at 859-263-7944 or by email at info@riograndedefence.com.