5 Signs That It’s Time for Fence Repairs

March 31, 2024

The fencing market is worth over $27.88 billion. They're showing up in more and more homes, whether it's to block off the pool or protect pets and children.

A fence is also an investment in your home. It increases your property value by adding privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal. Fixing any damage as soon as possible protects this investment.

Read on to learn five signs that you need fence repairs.

1. Leaning 

Over time, your fence may start to resemble the leaning tower of Piza. The cause could be ground shifting underneath, a crumbling foundation, or broken posts.

The problem is too complex an issue for DIY fencing maintenance. Call a professional to get everything straightened out.

2. Splintered or Rotting Wood

Metal materials make up over 50% of the fencing market. Wood is an increasingly popular option, but it's more vulnerable to damage.

Rot occurs when fungus enters the wood. Signs include:

  • Softening
  • Discoloration
  • Cracks
  • A spongy, stringy, or webbed appearance

Check for it by taking a screwdriver to the wood. If it sinks in, the wood has begun to rot.

Splintering is another issue that can plague wooden boards. It ruins the aesthetic appeal, turns it into a safety hazard for children, and is a sign that you need to call for fence repairs.

3. Broken Boards

A fence's boards may crack, break, or develop holes over time. The damage depends on the material. Wood deteriorates, metal rusts, and aluminum gets dented. 

This is one of the most obvious signs that you need fence repairs. It's essential to maintain strength and stability. You can also have the new boards painted or stained so they match the old ones. 

4. Discoloration or Peeling Paint

One of the most obvious fence maintenance tips is to keep your it clean. That may mean washing and scrubbing the wood every few years or spraying the vinyl once a week.

This keeps the paint looking bright and new, but even the most thorough care regimens can't prevent all discoloration. You may also notice the finish beginning to peel or chip away from the wood. 

Constant exposure to UV rays and other weather elements is the primary cause. Take them as a sign that you need to fix the fence. You can also add it to your list of other home repairs that change the look of your property.

5. Violating Local Laws

Reading every fence repair guide in the books will help you keep it looking new and last as long as possible. What it won't do is help you follow all local laws and avoid hefty fines.

You could have a fence that's encroaching on city property, exceeds the maximum height allowed, or violates any other number of local ordinances. Get legal help and hire a fencing contractor to keep you within the local limits because it can be a major job.

Who to Hire for Fence Repairs 

There are several signs you may need to invest in fence repairs. An unstable fence will lean, and broken or damaged boards will make it even more unstable. A wooden fence may begin to rot or splinter.

The paint or finish may start to peel or get discolored despite regular maintenance. You may even need to change your fence to stay within local laws.

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