5 Unexpected Benefits of Vinyl Fences

March 31, 2024

If you're one of the 65.8% of Americans who own residential property, you likely are always on the lookout for home renovations that can enhance your home.While interior remodeling is always a good choice, you need to keep your home exterior looking sharp, too. Having an attractive exterior ensures that people see you as high-class and tasteful in addition to increasing your property value. Vinyl fences are an awesome way to enhance your house and preserve your privacy at the same time.Read on to learn some vinyl fence advantages that you need to know!

1. They Come in Many Styles

While you may think of wood fencing as the most versatile option out there, vinyl fences are actually much more diverse. You can get the plastic not only in any neutral hue that you can imagine but in a wide variety of colors. This means that you can match your fencing with a unique yellow house or with robin's-egg blue yard decorations.You also can purchase vinyl fences in tons of different styles. Picket fences are perfect for those who want a classic look. You can space your vinyl pickets out at even intervals to make them look amazing. To get the most precise measurements possible, professional installation is essential.You can also get vinyl privacy fences that are built like giant outdoor walls. These are perfect for areas surrounding pools or children's play areas. They're specifically built to preserve keep prying eyes and nosy neighbors away.If you want a modern exterior design and are looking for a sleek, contemporary look, vinyl fencing has your back.

2. They're Durable and Long Lasting

While wood fences have tons of advantages, being weatherproof isn't one of them. Kentucky storms and heavy rain can do a number on wood fencing, as can wood-boring termites and insects. Vinyl fences don't have this problem because they're made to withstand extreme weather conditions from water to wildfires.If you like the natural aesthetic of wood, you can get wood-look vinyl installed in your yard. While it isn't all-natural, it also is made using sustainable methods and looks like the real thing when you view it from a distance.Other people opt for metal fences like stainless steel or aluminum. However, some people find the former to be overly expensive and the latter to be non-durable. Vinyl fencing doesn't rust or get stuck over time in the same way that metal might- it's engineered to last a lifetime.

3. Maintenance Is Ridiculously Easy

Other fence materials have pretty easy maintenance, but vinyl maintenance is almost laughable. It can't even really be called 'maintenance.' You don't need to do anything at all to keep it clean- it just washes off in the rain and stays clean all on its own.Some homeowners choose to wipe their vinyl fence down every once in a while with warm, soapy water. This is likely a good idea, but your fence isn't going to disintegrate or stain if you neglect to clean it.

4. They're Great for Privacy Protection

Vinyl is one of the best materials out there for privacy fences. Pickets can be installed right next to each other to form a solid wall around your entire yard. If you spend a lot of time outside, this might be the right choice for your needs.However, if you want to enclose only a small and specific part of your yard, this is also a possibility. If you have an outdoor living space, kitchen, or pool, you might want to create a small surrounding vinyl enclosure. Vinyl fencing can also keep animals out of gardens and preserve your flowers and vegetables.You can also get vinyl privacy fences that are one solid preassembled wall rather than made from pickets. Talk to a vinyl fencing professional to discuss the options available to you.In addition to being a great way to keep out prying eyes, vinyl privacy fences are an excellent way to avoid awkward small talk with neighbors. They won't even know that you're relaxing in your yard alone or with family. This will nip unwanted and unwelcome conversation in the bud.

5. They're Extremely Affordable

Vinyl is also known for being a super inexpensive material. It's mass-produced in factories and the plastic isn't at all hard to make, so it's generally sold for much lower prices than alternatives. Plus, since vinyl fences are so easy to install, you don't need to pay the same high prices for installation as you would for metal fencing.Since the material is also recyclable, you can rest assured that your money is going toward something that won't just end up in a landfill later. This is not only eco-friendly but economically efficient since recycled materials sometimes cost less.As we discussed before, vinyl is also extremely durable. This means that it will last for decades (and sometimes even for a lifetime). You won't need to pay for a replacement anytime soon, so you can save on exterior renovations in the coming years.

Reap the Benefits of Vinyl Fences ASAP

Now that you know some of the benefits of vinyl fences and understand why they might be right for you, it's time to get started. Contact us with any remaining questions that you may have about vinyl fencing and get a quote for installation.Our experts are committed to helping you select the best fence to protect your privacy and make your yard look great. We look forward to hearing from you and being of assistance soon.