6 Signs You Need a Residential Fence Replacement

March 31, 2024

In the year 2019, the rate of property crime in the United States was around 2,109.9 offenses per 100,000 inhabitants. While this is a slight drop from previous years, we are still not off the woods yet when considering our security. This informs part of the reasons why residential fencing is important. 

A fence acts as a deterrent against intruders and enhances your home’s value. As with all other fixtures that make up your home, a fence tends to age with time. However, it takes a keen eye to realize when the time is nigh to consider fence replacement. 

Are you considering fence replacement for your home soon? This process can be expensive and frustrating unless you detect the issue and resolve it in advance. For you to ensure timely interventions for your fence, here are some of the tell-tale signs you can’t overlook. 

1. Noticeable Holes in the Wood 

When your fence starts to show holes in the wood, this is the easiest way to know that it’s time to consider a replacement. Some of the common causes of holes in the fence could be insect infestation or termite attacks. 

Such infestation may affect your fence’s stability and lead to a weakened first line of defense. If you have noted sizeable holes on your wooden floor in recent times, it could be time to consider fence replacement. 

The first thing to do is to call in the experts. Once they conclude their assessment, they will give you feedback on whether you need to replace the entire fence or specific boards. However, considering the replacement of the entire fence may be an important step towards resolving the issue. 

2. Fence Leaning Outward or Inward 

At times, you may notice a sudden leaning forward or backward of your fence. Most homeowners rush to create additional support for the fence when this happens. Even so, your goal should be to resolve the issue permanently as opposed to creating temporal solutions. 

As soon as you start to realize a slight leaning of the fence outwards or inwards, the solution isn’t to consider repairs but rather call in the fence replacement experts. When the fence leans outwards, it presents a major safety concern for the people around and any other structures in the vicinity. 

It makes more sense to consider a new fence if this happens. 

3. Major Damage From an Accident 

Your fence may end up shaky and weak after an incident such as a car crash or flash floods. In this case, you might be confused about whether to consider repairs or a new fence. 

For most homeowners, you may have insurance coverage to help you recover from the accident. The weakening of the fence following an accident should be enough indicator that your structure is no longer safe. 

The best way around this situation would be to consider urgent fence replacement. This will help you avoid any further damages to the structures around you. 

4. Broken Damaged Boards 

A fence reassures you of your safety. As such, any signs of weakness can set in worry and concern. 

Broken or missing fence boards are among the surest indicators that your fence needs urgent replacement. You may notice such damages by assessing boards that make up the fence. If you notice that the fence has damaged boards, your best move should be to replace the fence. 

While it’s possible to repair the broken boards, it’s better to consider a complete overhaul of the structure. This will eliminate any potential risk of recurrence of the problem. 

5. Sagging Posts

A typical fence will last from 15-20 years. Beyond this point, the structure will probably start experiencing structural issues. One of the common signs that your fence is in trouble is the recurrence of sagging posts. 

The consequence of sagging posts is the warping of the other boards. The bad news is that there’s no other way around the sagging post apart from considering urgent fence replacement. 

Choosing qualified experts is the first step towards resolving the issue of the sagging post. Our experts are always on call to help you deal with this mess. All you need is to plan for a complete replacement of the fence to avoid the risk of the fence falling over.  

6. Deep-Rooted Tree Trunks Near the Fence

After a decade of service, it’s common to notice apparent encroachment of trees close to the fence. When this happens, your fence may begin to experience structural issues that may eventually become a safety hazard. The encroachment of roots and trees along your fence should be the first indicator that you need to consider a replacement. 

Apart from being an eyesore, the encroachment of trees near the fence will eventually cause massive instability. The best thing to do in such cases is first to trim the trees into shape. 

Installing new fences after trimming the trees will ensure that you have a stable and secure fence. 

Fence Replacement Is the Best Solution

A fence serves a critical role in your home. Apart from enhancing security, your fence also adds that unique aesthetic value to your home. However, due to accidents and underlying weather elements, your fence may become susceptible to wear and tear. 

The first thing most people consider when this happens is repairs. While this might work, it’s often a temporal solution that may not necessarily resolve your problem. The best way to take care of your fence is to consider replacement as soon as you notice the first signs of damages. 

With these 6 early signs of fence damage, you can now take a proactive path towards better care for your structure. 

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