7 Factors to Consider Before Adding a Wood Fence to Your Yard

March 31, 2024

Spring is in full bloom, and your family is ready to take full advantage of that springtime weather in the backyard.Wouldn't it be nice to send the dog or the kids out to play without worry? Do you want more privacy during your next family event or evening dinner party?If you are considering a fence for an added layer of protection and privacy, you want to make sure you know all you need to know before reaching out to your local contractor. Read on to learn seven tips to prepare you for building a wood fence on your property.

1. Determine the Purpose

Before beginning the process, you need to ensure you know the purpose of installing a new fence.Deciding on your reason for building a fence helps determine the materials you will use, the budget you will set, and the company you hire. If your sole goal is to keep your dog in the yard, you might consider a less expensive type of fencing. Whereas, if you want more privacy and an elevated look to your yard, you will want a different fence approach.

2. Use the Right Materials

Once you know your purpose, you can hone in on the materials for your fence. There are several directions to choose from wrought iron, chain link, plastic, wooden fence options, or a combination of materials.Narrow down your choices by what suits your needs best.

3. Do Your Homework

When it comes to fence installation, you need to do your homework.You need to know where your property lines start and end and what rules or restrictions are in your city or neighborhood.Consider paying for a property survey to help you know exactly where your property lines are. Don't jump into building a fence without this information.

4. Set Your Budget

With many different options to build your fence, you need to make sure that what you want to install fits within your budget and meets your needs.A chain-link fence might be the most affordable but not what you are looking for, whereas a wooden fence will give you affordable options, varying in size and color.Find a middle ground between what you are looking to build and what you can afford.

5. Hire a Professional Company

For several reasons, you do not want to build a fence yourself. Allow a professional to provide accurate quotes, dimensions, sizing, and color to give you a seamless fence installation process.Do your research and review a gallery as you meet with potential contractors to build your new fence.

6. Check-In With Your Neighbors

In your planning, don't forget to check in with your neighbors. No one likes surprise construction next door, and your neighbor may have something to say about your fence.Try speaking with them ahead of time to ensure they know what you are considering and the timeline to build the fence, giving them time to prepare.

7. Plan for Maintenance

Finally, don't forget about fence maintenance. Whatever style fence you build, there will be maintenance required.The weather and climate can affect your fence. So, plan for regular pressure washing or re-staining and painting your backyard fence to keep it at its best.

Wood Fence Tips for Proper Installation

When installed the right way, a fence can add value to your home and provide additional privacy and safety. Consider contacting us today for a free quote on your new vinyl, metal, or wood fence. Make your backyard a place you want to be!