7 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Commercial Fence Company

March 31, 2024

There are over 49,000 fence construction businesses in the United States. With a huge market like this, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. When you are looking to hire a fencing contractor for a brand new fence, there are certain factors you should consider.

Read on to learn about seven factors you should think about when hiring a commercial fence company.

1. Consider Your Needs

A commercial fence company that is right for you will handle all of the specific needs you have. Before you can begin looking for the right commercial fencing experience, you have to figure out what exactly needs to be handled.

For example, figure out what materials will suit the style of your property. This will differ based on what you need a fence for. While some may need a fence for boundary protection, others will need one for a farm to keep in animals.

When you are more informed about what you need and want, the process runs smoothly. A contractor who doesn't have to guess your needs can provide you with a better overall experience.

2. Look for Recommendations

Before installing commercial fences by a random contractor, ask around for recommendations. There are many ways you can do this. The easiest way is by asking the people closest to you if they have someone to refer to.

If you don't have friends or family that know anyone, you could look around the neighborhood yourself. Commercial businesses nearby may have a fence that appeals to you. If this is the case, don't be afraid to ask them what company they used.

Driving around the area could lead you to find the perfect opportunity. A commercial fence company may have nailed a badge onto a fence they completed to advertise their work. Take note of these badges if you come across them.

Another way to find recommendations is by doing some research online. A commercial fence company should have a website where they offer references and reviews. Looking at another customer's experience is a great way to tell if a company is right for your fencing project.

3. Get Multiple Estimates

Installing commercial fencing can be pricey. This is why, in general, you should obtain three or more estimates before making a final decision. Always remember that the most expensive company is not always the best one for your needs.

Comparing fencing fees makes it a lot easier to figure out the combination of costs and how quality the fence will turn out. You may think this step will take a lot of time out of the day, but this is not always the case. Because fence installation is such a competitive business, representatives are more likely to provide you with quick information.

These representatives are willing to show up to the property to write up an estimate as soon as they can. In most cases, this doesn't have to be done on your time. Since fencing is an exterior solution, there is no need for you to be present when a representative comes.

Although this is great for busy people, it may be a good idea to schedule a time where you can both make it. This can be beneficial if you have any questions about extra fencing costs or other important factors.

4. Consider Property Complications

The land where you need a fence may have complications that lead to a higher price. When land has no complications, a fence will be a lower cost.

Considering any property complications can be done with a representative or own your own. If you want to evaluate your property beforehand so you know a company isn't inflating the costs for no reason, you can.

Common complications include obstructions like rocks and trees. However, evaluating a property is more than that. You need to check out the grading if you do not own a level lot.

A lot with a slope will affect the cost because the fence will need to be constructed differently. Another thing to consider is if the fencing crew will have a hard time accessing the job site. For example, carrying materials up a hill could make the price elevate.

5. Check for License and Insurance

A company without the proper license and insurance should not be one you consider. This is essential in case something goes wrong. A contractor who is licensed will do the job correctly and be insured in case there is an injury.

Most companies will have this information on their site for you to check. You can also ask the fencing contractors yourself if they are licensed and insured. A crew who is unwilling to provide this information is not one you should work with.

6. Ask for a Written Contract

When a representative comes to the property, they should learn about your needs and write up a contract based on what they know and see. A written contract should already be a given, but always ask for one just in case.

This contract can help you come up with your ultimate decision. You must review everything that was written before signing it. Ensure that you understand everything and ask for clarification if you don't.

7. Establish a Timeline

You may have an idea of how quickly you want your commercial fence to pop up. However, depending on the job size, you may have to wait longer.

Be sure to establish a timeline and have it written in the contract. A contractor will work with you to put up the fence as promptly as possible.

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