A Brief Guide to Ornamental Fences

March 31, 2024

Are you fencing your pool in or placing a fence around your property?Have you considered an ornamental fence? These beautiful, durable fences are crafted from aluminum, or steel and offer a wide range of styles. Whether you're looking for a decorative fence or a simple fence, ornamental fences can do it all.If you're wondering about what you can do with an ornamental fence, continue reading. This guide will help you learn more about these versatile and beautiful fences.

What Is an Ornamental Fence?

Ornamental fences strive to increase a home's appeal by complementing its architecture. These beautiful fences provide security while adding a look of prestige.With their varied styles of dark colors and decorative structures, ornamental fences accent any type of home. Ornamental fences are attractive and durable, made from heavy, environmentally-friendly materials.Ornamental fencing is commonly used to surround gardens, fence in backyards, or accent a pool. The possibilities are endless. However, improving the privacy in and around your home with an ornamental fence is a plus. Their various styles and versatility make them easy to add anywhere you desire.The biggest appeal of ornamental fences is their beauty. These fences can be highly decorative or simple, depending on your preferences.

What Types of Ornamental Fences Are There?

When it comes to choosing a design for your ornamental fence, there are plenty of options. Ranging from simplicity to extravagance, these fences adhere to your style and needs.There are several common types of ornamental fences to consider.

Ornamental Picket Fence

Traditional picket fences are known for their charming painted wood. However, an ornamental picket fence brings a new perspective to the yard.Made from heavy materials, ornamental picket fences model traditional picket fences while adding flair and design. Ornamental picket fences are the perfect addition to your garden or yard, illuminating your landscape.

Ornamental Privacy Fence

If a large privacy fence is what you need, why settle for anything less than ornamental?With heights and accents to suit your property, ornamental privacy fences provide beauty and security. Their sturdy metal frame offers variations in appearance, such as lattice and herringbone. You can supply these and more classic designs throughout your fence.When adding an ornamental privacy fence to your property, you'll have the ability to choose everything. This includes the perfect design and height for your specific needs.

Ornamental Fence Accents

While ornamental fences are stylish by themselves, there are also several types of accents to add to their design.You might decide that a twisted picket ornamental fence creates a unique and timeless style for your property. Adding rails, scrolls, or rings to your fence will also set it apart from any other structure.Rings and scrolls are added between pickets on your ornamental fence, while finials are meant to accent post caps and the top of your fence. You can also customize your ornamental fence with cannonball or fleur-de-lis post extensions. This will tie your fence together and create a lasting impression.

Materials Used for Ornamental Fences

There are several common materials used to create beautiful, sturdy ornamental fences.Whether you're wary of the weather conditions around your home or if you're aiming to have environmentally-friendly materials surrounding your property, ornamental fences can do it all.The materials used for ornamental fences range from aluminum to steel, offering you a wide range of choices.


In harsh environments or states prone to harsh weather or winters, installing an ornamental aluminum fence is smart.Aluminum is popular for its durability and corrosion resistance. With no possibility of rusting or collapsing, aluminum fencing is a strong contender for those looking to place a fence on their property.If environmentally-friendly materials are important to you as well, aluminum is recyclable. This allows you to participate in the recycling and reusing of aluminum products.Ornamental fences are often made from aluminum materials and commonly used for residential properties. Aluminum is a great material to work with when designing your ornamental fence.


Crafting an ornamental fence from steel will ensure you a lifetime of safety. With little to no maintenance needed, steel fences offer durability and timeless protection.Steel fences are made from heavy gauge materials and held securely in place by concrete. If you're looking for more options for the finish of your ornamental fence, steel can be treated for various types of patina.Ornamental fences created from steel outlast everything around them, ensuring a lifetime of beauty and security.

Which Ornamental Fence Is Right for Me?

Several factors come into play when deciding on the right ornamental fence for you.If you live in an area with harsh weather and harsh winters, investing in a strong material for your fence will be highly beneficial.Your home's style might be farmhouse chic or gothic--whatever your preference, your ornamental fence is made to complement your property.Depending on where you live, what your property's style is, and what type of materials you're interested in, your fence will highlight this. All of these factors will play a substantial role in choosing the perfect ornamental fence.

Adding the Perfect Fence to Your Property

When it comes to installing the perfect ornamental fence, all you have to do is tell us what you're looking for and we'll work with you from there. The possibilities are endless and your satisfaction is guaranteed with your new ornamental fence.If you're ready to take the next step, fill out our instant quote form today.