Can My Fence Be Installed in Winter?

March 31, 2024

Installing a fence in the winter may seem unheard of, or possibly even silly. Weather conditions make outdoor labor difficult, the frozen ground takes more work to break, and certain material does not stand up well to the cold--right? However, under the right conditions, wintertime may in fact prove more beneficial for fence installation than other seasons. Installing your fence in the winter may actually save you on labor costs, maintenance effort, and the potential for property damage...all while obtaining your new fence more quickly and easily than during other seasons.

Pros of Winter Fence Installation

Fortunately for homeowners, there are quite a few benefits to installing a fence in the wintertime, one of the most pertinent being the absence of undergrowth. Because the majority of brush enters a period of dormancy in the winter, you will be able to install your fence without having to trim back pesky bushes or clear out a multitude of branches and leaves. The area is more visible, and you are less likely to damage your surrounding shrubbery. Additionally, you will likely be thankful for the extra layer of privacy that is often lost when trees and bushes around your property drop their leaves. In addition, winter is the perfect time to install a new fence because your fence will already be prepped and ready to go for the winter season. If you wait until spring, you will likely have to perform maintenance on your fence yet again in the winter. However, a brand new fence will be ready to face the oncoming storm, and most likely won’t need any sort of extra coating of paint or sealant.

Cons of Winter Fence Installation

Although installing a fence in the winter may be ideal if the proper conditions are met, there are some factors that may make it more problematic than its worth. For example, if you wait until the first few freezes have set in and the ground is frozen, installing a fence may be more difficult than if you waited until warmer weather. If you insist upon getting your fence installed anyway, it may increase the cost of the installation. However, if you time it right, installing your fence in the winter may be cheaper, as genes are in lower demand around this time of year!

What to Do--and What Not to Do

The type of maintenance you will need to perform during and immediately following the installation will depend on the type of material your fence is made from. Generally, it is not recommended to install a vinyl fence in the winter; installing it early, such as in the fall, or waiting until spring are more recommended for this type of fence. However, other types of fences are more than capable of being installed in the winter.If you choose a wooden fence, make sure the material is coated in a waterproof substance, though the majority of new fences will be pre-treated. You will need to treat and prepare your wooden fence in the coming years, but your first winter should require fairly little maintenance for your new fence. Should you choose to install an iron, aluminum, chain-link, or other type of metal fence, these may become brittle during the cold season and prone to cracks. Just be sure to keep your fence clear of debris and avoid hitting it with sharp or solid objects, such as shovels.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, winter is a great time of year to install a brand new fence. Unless the ground is frozen solid, it will be less hassle for both you and your fencing company, less risky, and generally cheaper--and, you won’t have to worry about re-painting or sealing until next year. Additionally, you won’t have to deal with long wait times and high delivery fees that are often seen during the spring and summer. Time it right, and winter may actually be the perfect season to install your brand new fence.

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