Choosing the Right Chain Link Fence for Your Needs

March 31, 2024

You may think that all fences are the same. Aren't they just a way to section off part of a property?

The truth is that the material they're made of matters. Chain link is one of the best but often ignored types. It's durable enough to last for years, but its customizability makes it difficult to pick which one to install.

Read on to learn how to choose the right chain link fence.

Determine Your Needs

Think about what you need your fence for. It could improve your home's:

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Aesthetics

Decide which of these features is most important to you. It helps you focus and narrows down the many options available.

Consider Heigh, Gauge, and Mesh Size

Height may be one of the first factors you think of because it determines the level of privacy and security a chain link fence provides. Most are 3-12 feet high.

The gauge is the thickness of the wires of a chain link fence. The higher it is, the thinner they are. Higher gauge sizes are more cost-effective but less durable and secure.

Mesh size refers to the size of the diamond-shaped openings in the fence. Smaller ones are more private, but larger ones provide more visibility.

Choose the Material

A fence's materials have a major impact on how long it lasts. Wooden fences have a lifespan of 5-10 years, while chain link fences can last 15-20 years.

Galvanized chain link is the most common type. Its zinc coating prevents rust and erosion. It's durable, affordable, and long-lasting.

Aluminized fences are treated with aluminum coatings. They're lightweight and resistant to rust and corrosion, even in climates with high humidity and salty air.

Vinl-coated fences have a layer of PVC plastic over galvanized wire. This gives them a smoother appearance. They're also customizable and available in a variety of colors. They're low-maintenance and resist fading and discoloration but aren't as durable as other options.

Count the Cost

The average chain link fence cost ranges from $23.06 - $37.79 per linear foot. That includes materials, labor, and installation. It doesn't include any add-ons, the cost of removing or repairing existing materials, and permit or inspection fees.

One of the major benefits of chain link fencing is that it's a cost-effective option. You'll save money on maintenance, repairs, and replacements. That doesn't eliminate the need to get quotes from several fencing companies to see the final cost before you begin.

Look Into Local Regulations

Your preferences aren't the only things to consider when choosing a fence. Each state has its own rules about factors such as height, location, and materials.

Look for local fencing companies that know about the regulations and zoning laws in your area. They'll help you avoid legal issues and give you a stronger and more appealing fence.

Find a Chain Link Fence Company

The right chain link fence can add value and security to your yard. Decide what you want it for, pick the right specifications and materials, make a budget, and look into local laws.

Finding the right fencing company to install it makes sure it lasts for as long as possible. Contact Rio Grande Fence to get a chain link fence in Lexington, KY.