How Does Fence Installation Help to Increase Property Values

March 31, 2024

Did you know you can get an ROI of up to 50% on a fence when you add it to your property? 

That is great news for you as a homeowner. There are many benefits of adding a fence to your Kentucky real estate. 

Before you make this investment, you probably have more questions. You've come to the right place for those answers. 

Below, you're going to learn everything you need to know about how a fence installation can increase your property values. 

Keep reading so you can make the best decision for your home. 

Boundary Definition

While we hope you have a good friendship with your neighbors, oftentimes that is not the case. Having a fence in place can clear the boundaries lines. Even if you have a good relationship with them, it can be helpful to know what is yours and what is theirs. 

While a fence will benefit you while you live there, it will also increase your property values in Lexington, as it will be appealing to future buyers. 

Aesthetics and Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can be a major selling point. People want the home they live in to be beautiful from the outside. A fence can increase the aesthetics of your Lexington real estate. 

It will help you give a good first impression to anyone who comes to your home, buyers, friends, and family alike. You will feel proud of your home and the way it looks. 

Added Functionality

Another reason a fence installation will increase your property values is because of its added functionality. A fence with a gate will give you or future buyers controlled access. 

Fences are designed specifically to make homeowners' lives easier. Your real estate in Lexington will have increased property values due to the functionality a fence will provide. 

It will make it easier to have pets, start a garden, and host holiday parties. 

Enhanced Security 

Whether you have a roommate, live alone, or have a family, extra security is always a plus. Potential buyers will see value in this aspect. 

It will also increase privacy, which is another reason why you will see property values increase. There will be no prying eyes from nosy neighbors or bypasses. 

This fence will be appealing to a lot of buyers who have small children and pets. People will spend money knowing they have a safe place to live with their families. 

Increase Your Property Values

Now that you know how a fence can increase your property values, it's time to get started picking one. 

There are a lot of options and we are confident we can help you find the one that fits your style and home best. 

Our team is ready and available here. Don't wait, get in touch with us today! Whether you have questions or if you're ready to get started on the installation, we can help.