How Long Does a Chain Link Fence Last?

March 31, 2024

American cultural values mean that only 50% of homes have a fence on the properties. American community culture views tall fences as antisocial and so they're discouraged. 

But there are a lot of benefits of having a fence on your property. They are good for keeping pets enclosed in your garden, and are often a legal requirement if you've got something hazardous like a pool in your garden. Fences are also good for giving your home privacy from your neighbors.

This is why chain link fences are a great compromise! They've got all the benefits of regular fences, but since you can see through them your neighbors don't think you're separating yourself from the community. 

Keep reading for a guide on all the benefits of a chain link fence. 

Color Options

A chain link fence might be less appealing since it is metal. The common solution to this problem is adding vinyl to your chain fence. 

Vinyl comes in a variety of colors. This means you can personalize the look of your chain link fence to match your property or home's design. 

You Can See Through Them

The fact that you can see through a chain link fence is a benefit for security and if you have pets.

From a security standpoint, you're able to see if people are scoping out or lurking near your home. From a pet perspective, your animals are more mentally stimulated if they can still see the outside world. This helps with behavioral issues and tires them out. 

Another benefit of chain link fences is community cohesion. A big fence can be viewed as antisocial, so when you're still able to see through it, you don't risk offending your neighbors. 


The materials of a chain link fence are a lot simpler than other fencing materials. You only have to pay for the chain link wire, the wooden posts, the connecting metal pieces, and any labor costs for installation. Other fences have much more expensive or difficult-to-use materials so they are pricier to install. 

Lifespan of a Chain Link Fence

The material used determines the average lifespan of a fence. Wooden fences last an average of 5-10 years. Chain link fences last around 15-20 years. It lasts even longer if you've got a vinyl coating rather than a zinc coating. 

You can prolong the life of your chain link fence by cleaning it regularly and applying rust protection annually. Avoid letting plants grow through the fence or climbing on it. Follow these tips and fix it up as needed, and your fence will last a very long time. 

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Install Your Chain Link Fence Today

A chain link fence is a great addition to any property. With its long-lasting ability to secure your home, keep your pets stimulated, and avoid offending your neighbors, it's the best choice for residential fences. 

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