How to Choose the Right Pool Fence for Your Home

March 31, 2024

Maybe you’re looking to prevent accidental fall-ins? Perhaps you’re hoping for a little more privacy? In any case, you want to install a pool fence. 

However, before you go and install the first fence you find, you want to do some research. That’s where this article comes in. Without further ado, here’s how to choose the right pool fence for your home.

Assess Height

The height of your fence ultimately comes down to your personal preference. You could even build a 2-foot-tall fence if you wanted to. 

Note, however, that it’s beneficial for a pool fence to be high enough so as to prevent easy climbing. This way, it can stop kids, pets, and trespassers from getting over it. 

It’s also important to think about privacy. The taller the fence, the harder it will be for outsiders to see in to your pool area. If you want a decent level of privacy, you should build a fence of at least 6 feet in height. 

Consider a Self-closing Fence 

The last thing you want is for a child to make their way into your fence unattended. Unfortunately, should you leave your fence gate open, this could happen. This is why you’re strongly advised to choose a self-closing fence option.

These fences are equipped with reflexive springs that snatch back the gate after it’s been opened. This ensures that it always latches, regardless of whether or not care was taken for it to do so. 

Compare Materials 

There are all sorts of fence materials on the market, from chain link to vinyl to wood and more. Each of these could conceivably be used for pool fence purposes. That said, they all have different benefits and drawbacks, so we’ll compare them below. 


Wood fences offer both privacy and security. Plus, they can be built to any height. Aesthetically pleasing, they bring a calming aura to pool areas. 

The downside? They require quite a bit of maintenance.


Vinyl also excels at both privacy and security. However, because it’s manufactured in a factory, it’s height tends to be more standardized. That said,  it’s available at 6 feet in height, which is great for most privacy purposes. 

As far as maintenance goes, it really only needs to be cleaned on occasion. This makes it a great option for those who don’t have a lot of spare time on their hands. 

Chain Link

Chain link is decent for security purposes and varied for privacy purposes. It can be fairly easily climbed, so it’s not the most secure material. On the other hand, it can be equipped with privacy slats, allowing for some privacy. 

It’s not the most attractive material but it’s not bad to look at either. All in all, it’s decent for pool fence purposes, and at an extremely affordable price as well. 

Looking to Install a Pool Fence in Lexington? 

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