Keep Your Property Secure: Top Reasons to Consider Chain Link Fencing

March 31, 2024

The estimated rates of property crimes in the United States stood at 2199.5 per 100,000 households in the year 2018. 

Cases of unauthorized entry into private property rose steadily despite the concerted efforts to deal with burglary and other related cases of forced entry. Homeowners have a direct role to play towards enhancing their security. You could start by reviewing the status of your fence. Are you considering putting up a fence for your home? These are the top reasons why you need to set up chain link fencing.

What Is Chain Link Fencing?

Most people only hear about chain link fences but don't know the difference between this type of fence and other palings. A chain-link fence is made from galvanized or coated steel wires that are interwoven vertically then bent in a zigzag configuration to create diamond patterns. Despite being among the oldest types of fencing, most people still opt for a chain-link fence. Here are some of the common reasons you need to use this option.

1. Enhances Security 

Whether it's at home or the job site, your mind can never be at rest as long as you lack a secure fence around your property. Most Americans focus so much on securing their locks systems, windows, and in-house alarms, yet do very little to ensure that the fence around them is secure from any possible intrusion. A chain-link fence can be a critical source of deterrence from intruders and trespassers.  On the other hand, you'll also have the peace of mind knowing that your pets and young ones are safe even when outdoors. If your area is prone to human-wildlife conflicts, then a chain-link fence can ensure there is a barrier against any possible risk of intrusion.

2. Affordability 

Most people prefer to install the chain-link fence as opposed to other options due to the extent of affordability. Compared to other forms of fencing, you will end up spending way less with a chain-link fence. Are you considering fencing large areas of land? You have the guarantee of a cost-effective option if you install a chain-link fence. The other alternatives, such as wood, are more expensive, which makes them less popular.

3. Low Maintenance

One of the critical attributes of a chain-link fence is durability. As such, you don't need to worry about the recurrence of costs when it comes to tune-ups. You will enjoy extended periods of calm without the persistent need for maintenance when using the chain -link fencing option. Perhaps, the aspect of low maintenance is what makes this security fence a suitable option. While you'll eventually need to chip in some instances to ensure that the fence is well-maintained, such cases are far between. Further, compared to other options such as wood, you don't need to worry about gradual decay or the invasion of termites. Using a chain-link fence, therefore, saves you from the burden of having to worry about probable intermittent needs for repairs.  This would be important in saving you time and money.

4. Fast Installation    

Indeed, installing a chain-link fence is the finest fit for your needs. Considering the ease of installation, you can opt for a DIY process. However, it is better to work with experts to ensure the guarantee of a long-lasting option. While the installation process is easy, you do need to consult seasoned handymen. The method of setting up a chain-link fence is easy and fast when dealing with seasoned experts. Within a few hours or days, depending on the size of land, you should have your chain link fence in place. Such ease in installation makes this option a favorite for most people. 

5. Longer Life Span

A fence is supposed to outlive your expectations, considering that fencing is a one-off project. For most other fencing options, the life-span is affected by other factors both natural and man-made. But for a chain-link fence has the guarantee of an extended life span. This type of fence is not susceptible to damages due to rust. Considering that they are made from galvanized steel wire, there's a limited risk of damage for at least five years after the initial installation.

 Are you looking forward to a fencing option that guarantees you value for your money? Then you can rely on the longer life-span that chain link fences offer. You only need to consider working with the best chain link installation experts, and your security fence will serve you longer than you would anticipate.

6. Easy to Modify 

One of the key reasons you would consider installing a tall security fence is to deter any potential intruders. However, options such as wood or brick fence have a limitation when it comes to modifications to increase the height level. With the chain-link fence, you can easily aim for 6 feet of fence height or higher without worrying about the foundation. If you ever consider modifying the fence to a higher height, you have nothing to stop you. You can easily adjust the height of the wall up to 12 feet without the fear that it may eventually come down crumbling. Given that the material used is lightweight, your security fence will stand tall for years without the concerns of seasonal variations.

Nothing Gives You the Peace of Mind Like Having a Secure Fence at Home

We live at a time when the security risks we face are numerous. Having a security fence around you not only protects you from the threat of trespassers, but it also keeps your cherished kids and pets intact. That's why you should consider calling in the experts to oversee the chain link fencing process. 

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