Popular Fence Ideas in 2023

March 31, 2024

Fences. They can be a controversial topic for neighbors as well as homeowners associations. 

These types of barriers can create distance from neighbors and create an eyesore for the neighborhood if not done right. 

Only about half of all American homes have fences. 

However, there are several different types of fencing that can add value and beauty to your home while being efficient. What are these options? 

Here are some of our best fence ideas for you. 

Chain Link Fence 

This is a classic backyard fence for a reason. While not the most aesthetically pleasing, it is one that allows you to be more open with your neighbors. 

An example can be if you are good friends with the neighbors next door to you. This is already an uncommon occurrence considering only 25% of Americans consider their neighbors to be friends. 

Your kids might play baseball or kickball in the backyard. Once in a while, a ball may go over the fence. 

With this type of fence, it can be easy for someone to climb over the fence and get it. Also, chain link fences tend to be lower, so people may feel less trapped in their own backyard. 

This is good for people that want to feel like they have a more open space while having certain protections. Those protections mainly come from young kids or pets running out, which we will get more into later. 

Privacy Fencing 

If you feel the opposite of the example above, you may want a fencing option that allows you more privacy from pesky neighbors. Or, you could have some cool parties in your backyard that you do not want your neighbors peeking at. 

Whatever the reason, this type of fencing has gotten more popular in recent years. One common material for this is mesh. However, you can also use a wooden fence for this purpose. 

The main benefit of this is that this type of fencing is usually high enough that neighbors can't peek over and solid enough that no one can see through it into your backyard. 

Dog Panel Fencing 

This allows you to get the best of both worlds above. Dog panel fencing is a more open concept where you can avoid feeling trapped in your backyard and see the view around you. 

However, this gives you more protection than chain link fencing. The reason is that this type of fence is very difficult to climb for outsiders. 

On top of that, while having an open concept, it has small enough holes through each part of the fence that only the smallest of pets can fit through it. 

See More Fence Ideas 

These are just three fence ideas that you can use for your backyard. Which one is right for you depends on what your needs and wants are. 

You have to think about whether you want more open access, complete privacy, or an open view with more protection. 

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