Privacy Fences: 4 Types of Wooden Fences

March 31, 2024

Wooden fences last 20 years, on average. 

This may vary according to the care of the fence, the weather conditions where you live, and the type of wood, but sooner or later, that fence of yours will need replacing. 

You may need some help deciding which wooden privacy fence is the best style for your yard and which one is best for your budget. The good news is there are several different types of wooden fences to choose from. 

Keep reading to find out the different types of wooden privacy fences.  

Board-on-Board Fence

Board-on-board fences are attractive, sturdy privacy fences, constructed with an overlapping pattern of vertical pickets. Every other picket attaches to the opposite side of the rail. The result is a solid, sturdy wood fence that looks great from both sides of it. 

For those seeking maximum privacy, a board-on-board fence is an excellent option. It's a sturdy fence and the overlap prevents cracks when the wood shrinks. 

To change up the look, the pickets can be attached to the posts horizontally instead of vertically. 

Side-by-Side Fence

The side-by-side fence is a common choice for those looking for privacy fencing. With a side-by-side fence, the pickets are nailed to the boards from edge to edge. 

Also installable vertically or horizontally, the side-by-side fence has lower material costs than some other kinds of fencing. It's a great choice if you don't mind one side of your fence showing exposed rails and posts. 

Arguably less attractive than some more detailed fence constructions, there is also a chance of gaps appearing when the wood panels shrink.

Shadowbox Fence

Using alternating pickets on both sides and a gap in between, a shadowbox fence creates a distinguishable shadow effect. When looking at the fence heads-on, it looks like a solid fence. But when looked at from an angle, the other side of the fence is visible. 

Each side of the shadowbox fence is appealing and will make the neighbors happy as well. 

The shadowbox fence is visually appealing and the alternating pickets spread out the weight of the fence making it a durable option. This is not the best option for complete privacy but does provide excellent coverage. 

Louvered Fence

A louvered fence is a great choice for a modern or contemporary look and feel. It places horizontal or vertical pickets at a slight angle, allowing for privacy while also letting in a bit of light and air. They resemble shutter slats. 

The angle of the louvered fence is adjustable and can be chosen to maximize privacy. This type of fence is uncommon but will make for a unique choice. They are great for decks, patios, and pools. 

This is one of the more complex fence installations and requires a professional fence installer to get it done. This is not a DIY project! 

Wooden Privacy Fences

There are wooden privacy fences to fit every aesthetic preference and budget. Wood fences are a great choice to blend in a natural style that is durable and strong. 

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