Standard Height of a Fence: Fence Measurements

March 31, 2024

If you're looking to build a fence around your property, you might have a few big questions.

Some of the most important things to consider when erecting a fence include what materials you're going to use, how much money you want to spend, and how big you want your fence to be. In particular, fence height is an important consideration.

Today, we'll tell you the standard height of a fence for all fence types. When it comes to your fence, you can choose to make it as tall or short as you'd like. That said, read on and you'll be able to figure out what makes sense for your property.

Decorative Fence

decorative fence is less about security and privacy and more about improving your curb appeal. You might use vinyl panels or wrought iron to create something that looks attractive, but these fences don't necessarily need to stand tall.

On average, a decorative fence stands between 3-4 feet tall. You can go bigger, but when you're using more expensive materials for a decorative fence, it can become an expensive project. Besides, you want a decorative fence to be welcoming, not imposing.

Boundary Fence

Boundary fences are what you'd install when the main objective is to separate property lines between you and the street or next-door neighbors. These can be as ornamental as you like, but you can also keep costs down by choosing a chain-link fence instead.

A boundary fence, like a decorative one, doesn't need to be tall. Front yard fences can be as short as 3 feet, but you may want to go a bit bigger in the backyard for visibility's sake, maybe 6 feet tall.

Privacy Fence

A privacy fence comes into play when you want to separate your property from the next one, but you also want to protect your privacy and secure your home. These fences are typically made of wood, metal, or vinyl, but you can opt for chain-link, although it doesn't exactly provide as much privacy as the others.

To truly prevent passersby and neighbors from seeing into your yard or through your windows, you need to build tall fence posts. Shoot for at least 6 feet, but if you want even more privacy, it's not uncommon to see fences that are 10 feet or more.

Factors to Consider

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing your fence height. The most important is local regulations - you can read about Lexington's regulations here.

You should also take a look at other homes in your neighborhood. If yours is significantly higher than everyone else's, it could hurt your ability to sell your home down the road. Lastly, consider your budget; the more fence you want, the more it's going to cost.

The Standard Height of a Fence for Your Home

Now that you understand the standard height of a fence for different types of fences, you can decide what to do on your property. When you have the right fence contractor involved early on in the process, this decision can be a relatively simple one.

At Rio Grande Fence Co., we've been Lexington's most trusted fence contractor for over 40 years. Contact us today to discuss your fence needs and we'll help you choose the materials and height for your fence.