Top 5 Types of Privacy Fences You Should Know About

March 31, 2024

According to 2021 local crime data, breaking and entering offenses in Lexington KY exceeded one thousand. And 290 home invasions were reported after just three months into 2022. Those numbers are good enough reasons to look into tips for better home security. 

Some of the same methods used for home security also provide extra privacy. And privacy inside your home starts on the other side of your front door. That’s why it’s time well spent researching the best fences on the market.

To help you choose the best fence for your home, here are 5 types of privacy fences you should know about.

1. Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl or PVC fencing is a popular style and maybe the best privacy fence on the market. The simple design of vinyl fencing makes it affordable and suitable for any residence. With the available height options for vinyl fencing, you control the privacy built around your home.

The maintenance cost of vinyl is an attractive feature too. You won’t have to paint or stain your PVC fencing. All you need is a garden hose or pressure washer to keep your fence looking beautiful. 

2. Wood Fencing

Of the many types of privacy fences, wood is the most traditional.

That’s why it’s so popular and requested by many Lexington KY residents. Working with a professional, you can create privacy fence ideas using wood options. And explore designs that won’t affect your property value. 

Select from a variety of wood species, including pine, white oak, and red cedar. Pick a color that complements your beautiful home and landscaping. But remember, wood needs regular maintenance to prevent damage like rotting and warping.

3. Aluminum Fencing

It might surprise you that some aluminum fences could cost less than wood. You may be able to find a less quality wood cheaper than aluminum. But comparing the short- and long-term costs of equal quality, aluminum is less expensive.

Aluminum fencing doesn’t require much maintenance. So the usual outdoor elements that damage fencing won’t diminish the value of aluminum as it does other materials. And aluminum is durable to provide long-lasting safety and security for your family.

4. Chain Link Fencing

Contrary to popular belief, chain link fences aren’t for commercial use only. The three and four feet fences can provide great security for your Lexington KY residence. And with a subtle vinyl coating color, a chain-link fence wouldn’t compromise the beauty of your home. 

5. Panel Fencing

Not all homeowners want permanent fencing around their property. They’d rather have the option of installing a temporary barrier for safety reasons. That’s why Rio Grande Fence offers panel fencing to Lexington KY residents. 

Panel fencing is lightweight and easy to install and remove. And with six feet panels, your privacy and safety are secure. 

Consider Only the Best Types of Privacy Fences

Your home’s privacy and security are important. So don’t waste money on a fence that gives you neither of those. Choose from only the best types of privacy fences for your family’s safety.