When Is Your Fence Covered by Your Home Insurance?

March 31, 2024

As a homeowner, you know that sometimes the worst happens. Forces like severe weather, car accidents, damaged trees, and people with criminal intent can spell disaster for your property. That’s what your home insurance is for-- but what about your fence? That vital but often overlooked part of your property is not immune from damage. In several cases, your home insurance should cover damage to your fence. Read on for some situations in which to call your insurance company, and tips on keeping the process smooth and simple.

Storm Damage

Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia residents love that the weather is usually mild-- warm summers, cold winters, and fall and spring somewhere in between. But once or twice a year, they know to expect a storm or severe weather event. Unfortunately, sometimes those storms result in property damage. If storm conditions like high winds damage or knock down your fence, your homeowner’s insurance should cover the damage up to your other structure coverage limits. To make your claims process go more smoothly, take photos of the damage for your insurance adjuster once it is safe to go outside. This will greatly help them during the investigation process. Also, be sure to get an estimate on repairs before you file your claim. That way, you know how much you can expect to pay out of pocket.

Falling Trees

For many residents of Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia, our lush forests are a huge plus of living there. From lovely spring blooms to gorgeous fall foliage (not to mention shade and potential energy bill savings), our trees are usually an asset. But when severe weather comes, those beautiful trees can become a liability. If a limb falls on and damages your fence, will your home insurance cover it?The answer is likely yes. If a healthy tree on your property damages your fence, not only would your insurance probably pay to repair or replace the fence, but also to remove the tree and debris. However, if the tree was already weakened due to lack of maintenance on your part, your claim may be denied. Caring for your property’s trees may not only save you from having your claim denied, but from having to make one in the first place.

What if the Tree is my Neighbor’s?

If the tree that fell on your fence belongs to a neighbor, your insurer may hold the neighbor accountable for the damage. Once you file a claim, they may opt to sue your neighbor or their insurance policy to recoup the cost. However, the answer to this question relies heavily on the laws in your state. In some states, if the fence sits on the boundary of the two properties, you will each pay 50% of the deductible. If you want to save yourself and your neighbor from a major headache, let them know when their trees pose a threat before any damage is done.


Few, if any, neighborhoods are immune from crime. Sometimes, you may face damage to your property at the hands of someone with ill intent. Luckily, your homeowners’ insurance will cover repairs for damage to your fence inflicted by vandalism. In addition to your claim, be sure to file a police report and document the damage with photos.

Car Collisions

Let’s face it: not everyone cruising through your neighborhood is going to be a great driver. And, even if they are, accidents happen. No one is immune: you might even have an accident on your own street, or in your own driveway. So what happens when your fence is damaged by a car collision? Will your homeowner’s insurance cover the damage?The short answer is, yes, it should. And, if you drive into your own fence, you can file a claim. However, if someone other than yourself has driven into your fence, there is an alternative. You can file a claim against the driver’s property damage liability car insurance. This insurance is required for drivers in every state, and usually covers at least $10,000 worth of property damage. You can do this as an alternative to filing a claim with your homeowner’s insurance, or in addition to doing so; that way, you can be sure the repairs will be paid in full.Sometimes, despite our best efforts, the worst happens. Dealing with property damage isn’t always cut and dry. But luckily, your homeowner’s insurance will often cover repairs. Always document the damage, get an estimate on repairs or replacement, and file your claim in a timely manner. (And of course, be sure to give Rio Grande Fence a call for an estimate on repairing or replacing your fence).

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